James Mandeville, Managing Partner

James Mandeville Under the leadership of 21st Century View's Managing Partner, James Mandeville, the company has grown steadily to become the preferred provider of change management solutions by many organizations. James developed an interest in change whilst studying for an MBA back in 1980. Since then, he has managed major change initiatives with many top companies and works with large, medium and small enterprises assisting management teams to creatively handle change.

An honours graduate in psychology, with a postgraduate Diploma in Management Studies, James held senior management positions in Nestlé and after taking an executive MBA at Aston University in 1980 he joined ICL UK as director of sales for Europe. In 1998 James set up his own free-lance consultancy and management training company specializing in change management, which gave him the contacts and experience needed to start 21st Century View in 2002.

With thirty years experience handling complex change issues, and training management teams to successfully manage change, James has international business experience having lived and worked in America, Africa, Scandinavia, France and Brazil.

Born in Scotland, James is bilingual in English and French. James has been married for 23 years to Jessica who is a Partner in 21st Century View.


Jessica Mandeville, Partner

Jessica MandevilleA Master's graduate in Psychology from Copenhagen's University and a State Authorized Psychologist, Jessica ran her own private clinic in Denmark for over twenty years before joining 21st Century View as a Partner in the business. Before studying psychology, Jessica worked in the hotel and hospitality industry and in public relations.

Jessica's role in the business is core design of new material and she shares the management responsibilities of running the business.

Jessica is bilingual in Danish and English.


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All 21st Century View's staff hold academic qualifications to master's degree level in psychology and/or have an MBA from a leading business school. Excellent facilitators, coupled with 10 – 30 years experience in managing change at all levels of complexity – their knowledge and expertise spans various industry sectors in small, medium and large organizations.