Our business is change management

Defining and managing change: Our unique approach will improve your ability to innovate and handle change in a very cost–effective and creative way. It's a new, down–to–earth, comprehensive and exiting change management method that enables full control of the whole change cycle from concept to conclusion.

Preferred markets:
Defence sector; Food industry; City transport; Pharmaceutical industry; Energy and power sectors; Oil and gas offshore exploration and the Automotive industry.

Product overview:
Our ADEPT in change™ suite comprises three turn–key change management programmes that can be run independently or as an integrated, complete change management philosophy:

ADEPT in change Managing the Process™

working on managing the process

Using a superb new change model with a strong control framework that dramatically simplifies even the most complex changes, ADEPT in change Managing the Process™ is suitable for all levels of management involved in formulating, implementing and managing change, giving total control over the change process.

The programme uses a unique blend of systems–based analysis tools, ways of thinking outside the boxes, and effective management tools forming a powerful method for planning and managing all manner of changes, large or small.

Designed to promote innovative thinking, whilst holding onto a detailed structure that ensures all areas of the change initiative are carefully planned and monitored, ADEPT in change – Managing the Process™ helps maintain positive thinking, clarity of vision and creativity throughout the change process.

The programme covers everything, from formulating the change objectives; transitional planning; handling setbacks; determining the effects of change on the values system and value chain; coaching and retraining staff; planning at strategic, transitional and operational level; to setting up work groups; goal setting and goal planning through to tracking the success and monitoring the costs of any change initiative.

ADEPT in change Managing People™

discussing the psychological aspects of managing change

Centered on personal growth and development of people working in the organization, the ADEPT in change Managing People™ programme culminates in a strategic plan for change and detailed plans for change roll–out with full buy–in and commitment from all involved in growing a change–centered organization. It enables you to identify the right people to manage your change initiative and also enables you to identify and deal with potential resistance to change in a way that is non–confrontational, absolutely new and 100% effective.

Specific to your organization's needs, our unique dual change model handles change based on what currently exists or change with no pre–existing assumptions.

The brilliance of the ADEPT in change – Managing People™ workshop lies in helping your team to drive your business forward and make it more successful by concentrating on what is really important and what needs to be done to make change work.

ADEPT in change Managing Communication™

group working on communications programme
ADEPT in change – Managing Communication™ is all about improving and developing human communication skills in practical, meaningful ways that impacts immediately on the ability of the organization to understand, develop and broadcast its clear purpose.

It examines by the use of "communication mapping" how communications flow in an organization, where messages are filtered and amplified, and the effectiveness of the communications technology being used.

Lessons learned from the past can be used to accelerate our understanding of what needs to be done right now and in the future. We do this by examining what has been happening historically in the organization, what is happening now, and how future changes will impact on the organization's communication map. The impact of future changes on the communication flow within the organization is often overlooked and this programme ties in closely with ADEPT in change Managing the Process™ and ADEPT in change Managing People™ as an important factor in the success of any change management initiative.