ADEPT in change. Author: James Mandeville. Paperback, January 2019.

Almost every change affects people in the workplace to a greater or lesser extent. People are even more practically and emotionally involved in any changes talking place when times are hard. Sometimes, major changes are readily accepted by everyone, conversely, a small, seemingly innocuous change, can lead to problems of acceptance. The skill in managing change is all about convincing people that specific changes are necessary and encouraging them to buy–in to these changes.

When managers have an in–depth understanding of managing change and the associated people skills, many expensive and frustrating obstacles to progress are eliminated. This better places the organization to cope with sudden changes in the business environment as well as successfully handling carefully planned changes.

Because everyone is involved in change to some degree, the greater the personal involvement, the greater the chance that changes will be accepted and owned by everyone. This book looks at the psychology of change management.

"Change is For Now" by James & Jessica Mandeville is free to UK business leaders and has proved immensely popular. We have no paperback copies left, however, you may download a free PDF copy.

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The Phantom of the organization, by James Mandeville Paperback – Publication 2019.

An organization is nothing more complex than a group of people working together for mutual benefit with the common aim of ensuring the organization carries on. Organizations are not created perfect and they do not evolve in a sublime way. Organizations have many imperfections, which is one of the reasons why changing anything is difficult and is so prone to fail. Although everyone in the organization knows it is not perfect, they try to maintain a perfect organizational face for the benefit of those external to the organization. They do this to create an air of stability and to generate confidence, loyalty and trust in the organization.

Whatever the public face of the organization, the reality within the organization is always another story. No organization is perfect or always runs smoothly and it never will – however successful the organization might be. There is a phantom in every organization and if any change is to take place in the organization the phantom has to be recognized, understood and dealt with. The question being — how?

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White Paper

White Paper on Change and Innovation. January 2009 Revisited January 2019

James Mandeville is the Managing Partner of 21st Century View and has over 30 years of experience in managing change and and innovation.

According to a survey of over 300 British companies by the Institute of Change Management in 2009, fewer than 3 per cent of British managers could successfully handle change and innovation prior to the 2008–2012 global recession.

We ask. "Are British managers conservative, stuffy and focused solely on short term gain?" The answer appears to be "YES."

Typically, established companies won't do anything that is untested or could risk short term profits. Rather than seeing that business is an ever evolving and changing scene, and that the world is moving around them, means established companies lack entrepreneurial leadership and have a tendency to stick with what they know.

Have we really learned anything from the 2008 – 2012 global recession?

What do we have to do to stay in the market ten years from now, instead of always looking to the short–term?

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PRWEB release 2005

Smart Services Are a Potential Knockout for British Manufacturers

Smart services have arrived. Will British manufacturers deliver the knockout punch or end up on the canvass? British manufacturers entered the "dumb service" arena at snail's pace in comparison to their European and Transatlantic counterparts. Get it wrong this time and the Ref. will be counting time–out for many British Manufacturing companies – warns James Mandeville, managing partner of 21st Century View UK.

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